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GVJ Squeegee

We all know the scenario; you're at a show, or at home, you've just got a nice brand new sticker or sunstrip to put on, but all you have is a sharp edged flimsy old credit card to help ease the sticker on and force the excess air out.

Well, this is the answer to all of those problems. Our very own GVJ Squeegee, an invaluable little tool to massively help with the application of all stickers, vinyl transfers and sunstrips! You can finally fit your new stickers with total confidence and ease.

• Ultra Soft Felt Edge to prevent any damage to the sticker or your car
• Durable Hard Wearing Plastic Material
• Premium High Quality
• Super strong whilst being slightly flexible to allow uniform pressure when in use
• Doubles as a windscreen scraper for those frosty mornings -mega handy!